OTOjOY Loop Receiver

  • OTOjOY Loop Receiver

$ 130.00

Loop Receiver - IN STOCK


The Hearing Aid Loop Receiver is designed for use by hard of hearing people who do not have Telecoil-equipped hearing aids. It also allows nonhearing aid users to listen to the program material being broadcast within the loop. The receiver provides high quality amplification of sound transmitted by loop systems. In addition, for facility managers and system installers, the receiver provides visual, as well as confirmation, of system performance; assuring them that their system is working correctly. The Loop Receiver is a great and necessary tool for installing loop systems in any area. Since most installers do not wear hearing aids themselves, it is often difficult to know if the device is working the way it should. Now they can test the device and experience what those with hearing aids would hear.



  • LED confirmation of loop signal strength 

  • Maximum 110dBA SPL output 

  • Powered by a 9-volt battery for 50+ hour life 

  • For battery condition, check LED indicator 

  • Large volume control & on-off switch 

  • Convenient built-in neck cord 

  • Compact & lightweight– 7/8”d x 4”h x 2 ½ ”w 5 oz. 

  • Lightweight stereo headphones included (ear buds available)